Published December 12, 2014



Dear Friends:

We would like to announce some major changes taking place at our law firm.

Our relationship with 3 of our attorneys – Alan Sraga, Teri Engler, and Cynthia Baasten – has ended.  We wish them all well in their future plans.  If you have any questions about how this change affects your representation in any matter, please contact one of our attorneys below as soon as possible. You always have the right to select which attorneys will represent you in any matter.  Our firm, of course, stands ready, willing, and able to continue to provide you with legal services in any and all matters affecting you.

Due to this change and effective immediately, we have changed the name of the firm from “Sraga Hauser, LLC” to “Hauser Izzo, LLC”.  Please note that this is merely a name change and will not require any affirmative action should you choose to continue to use our firm’s services.  Our new website address is also changing to and all of our attorney email addresses will reflect this change.  The mailing addresses and phone numbers of both our Oak Brook and Flossmoor offices will remain the same.

Lastly, we are pleased to announce that Courtney Stillman is now a full member/partner of the firm. Courtney’s vast experience in special education and student services issues, as well as her experience as a local school board president, will continue to be a great asset to our firm as we continue to provide a high quality and broad scope of legal services for our school district and other local governmental clients.

We hope none of these changes will greatly inconvenience you.   We value your continued trust in us and look forward to providing you with high quality legal services.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.


Daniel M. Boyle
Joel R. DeTella
Eugene C. Edwards
William F. Gleason
Raymond A. Hauser
John M. Izzo
Kimberly M. Jannotta
Jane E. Li
Christopher L. Petrarca
Courtney N. Stillman

Published 12/10/14

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